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Email Spam
by Karol Kam - Wednesday, 18 May 2022, 9:58 AM

Hi everyone,

We have a pretty good spam control system at SCcyber, but unfortunately, no email system is fail-safe.  I have personally received the following email (or one almost identical to it) several times.  The spam "spoofs" my own email address to make it look real.  The email goes on to suggest they have embarrassing information they got from taking over my computer.  THESE EMAILS ARE FAKE AND A SCAM.  PLEASE IGNORE AND DELETE ANY YOU RECEIVE.  The person does not have control of your email, they are just using a spoofing program that makes it look like they have hacked your email address to make their story more believable to try to scam people out of money.  It is the same technology that makes telemarketing calls look like they are coming from a local number when really they are coming from a scam call centre overseas.  The questionable email usually looks something like this, and demands money:

It is important to never EVER click on any link in an unfamiliar email.  Sometimes they will say that you have a receipt, or they owe you a refund. Many times, those links are a virus.  You can click here to learn more from the Government of Canada:

If you ever have any questions or concerns with an email you have received in your SCcyber email, you are welcome to contact me.

Mrs. Kam