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Important reminders for students writing diploma exams

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Important reminders for students writing diploma exams
by Karol Kam - Thursday, 2 June 2022, 12:48 PM

Good afternoon, SCcyber students and mentors!

This message is only for students and mentors of students that have completed (or are near completion in) a 30-level core course and are writing diploma exams in June.

Please note that you are asked to bring photo ID to your exam.  You should arrive about 30 minutes ahead of the scheduled time.  Please note the exam schedule carefully, as schools are absolutely not allowed to alter the schedule and students that miss their exam will have to write in a future sitting.  Diploma exams are worth 10% this school year.  Next year they are expected to return to 30% of the final grade.  For additional diploma exam information and writing guides, please visit this link:

If you (or your student if you are the mentor) were planning on writing the exam in June, but now will not be ready, please let me know right away so we aren't reserving space that won't be needed and can cancel the registration ahead of the exam.  No-shows for diplomas do show up on the student DAR, so it's better to cancel ahead of time.

Our Calgary students, unless I have otherwise contacted you, are registered to write at our partner site at Aboriginal Futures located at 6011 1a St SW, Calgary, AB T2H 0G5.  If you aren't sure of your writing location, or have any questions at all, please let me know right away.


Mrs. Kam