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Fall 2022 Extension end Feb. 23 at noon

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Fall 2022 Extension end Feb. 23 at noon
by Karol Kam - Wednesday, 8 February 2023, 9:05 AM

Good morning to our SCcyber family!


We are starting to see the home stretch of the winter season!  

This is a reminder for students that are completing a course from Fall 2022 using the current extension.  All work for extensions is due by February 23 at noon.  

If you aren't going to complete in time for the end of extension, please talk to your mentor.  Students are allowed to continue on for another semester in still incomplete courses after the extension, however, tuition will be charged for another semester.  Students on Foundational Learning Supports will need to apply for funding for the new semester to continue past the extension.

Please speak to your mentor if you have any questions.

Remember your goals and keep working hard!


Mrs. Kam