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The School Year is Almost Over! Have you booked your exams?

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The School Year is Almost Over! Have you booked your exams?
by Karol Kam - Wednesday, 29 May 2024, 4:28 PM

Good afternoon to our SCcyber Family!

Can you believe we are almost at the end of May!

This announcement is a friendly reminder that you need to be arranging the rest of your exams for the year.  If you are with a learning site, then you need to make arrangements with your mentor and teacher.  

Students that use our Calgary Testing Centre (most students whose usernames begin with NA, IN, and WM)  need to call the testing centre to make the rest of their appointments for the year right away.  Please make sure you are doing so ahead of time, and giving your teacher sufficient time to send out the exam before your appointment.  Not all of our teachers work with us full-time, so please give a few days' notice.  Here is a link once again to the testing centre information. (This is only for our Calgary students whose usernames that start with IN, NA, or WM. Our students whose username starts with letters other than IN, NA or WM, need to reach out to your mentor for exam appointments)  It is your responsibility to make your appointments in ahead of time.

Don't think you can finish by June?  No worries!

We understand that many of our students have lots of things going on and other responsibilities that compete with school.  All students are welcome to make use of our courtesy extension free of charge.  That means you would keep your course access and keep working on your own over the summer (while school is closed, teachers will not be available, but students on extension can keep working to catch up).  Then, when school resumes in September, you would have 3 weeks to complete any tests still remaining and finish up without paying additional.

The second option would be if you are not able to finish by the end of extension in September, you can pay next year's registration fee and tuition once again to continue your course(s) through the full next semester (until Jan. 2025).  You do not have to start over- you just keep going but with that additional semester of time.

I am always available to help or answer questions!


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