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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Passing your Courses during COVID-19

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Passing your Courses during COVID-19
by Karol Kam - Friday, 20 March 2020, 12:34 PM

Dear SCcyber students,

Thank you all for effort and resilience you have shown this past week in trying to make sure that you continue your learning from home under COVID-19.

As a fully online school, we are in the fortunate position that aside from some testing and exams being on hold for now, we are mostly business as usual.

By now some of you may be aware of the news release that the Minister of Education put out today regarding what school will look like for the remainder of the year as “regular” schools begin to provide distance learning for all students in K-12.  Please keep in mind that the news mostly pertains to schools that were not online before COVID1-9. 

While much won’t change for us, we do understand that some of our students may now be trying to do their work in a household with small children to care for, and also supervising the school work of their own children learning at home as those programs begin to roll out.  We also understand that some students face a challenge from lack of reliable internet or a functioning home computer or device.  You must keep your mentor or your teacher informed of the challenges you are facing if it begins to interfere with your school work, so we can help you find solutions.  We will not leave anyone to struggle alone.  All teachers have ensured that their phone numbers are clearly posted on all their course pages so you can contact them by phone, email or drop into the scheduled help classroom.  I am also available to deal with your concerns.  My cell number is (780) 836-5544.

As far as the rumour that everyone gets a free pass from here out, students have been showing the potential that they would have passed a core course before COVID-19 and that they continued to try during COVID-19 and we will be as lenient and supportive as we can. 

We can't and won't just pass through someone that didn't do any or almost any of the course because that sets them up for failure next year. The government directive is that students get a mark, not necessarily a pass.  Here is a quotation of the relevant section of the announcement:

“Grade progression and report cards:  Every student will receive final grades... School authorities have committed to ensuring parents are consulted and kept informed of how assessment will be determined in this unique circumstance. All students who were on track to progress to the next grade will.

Where possible, schools will work with high school students to complete their courses to the best of their ability, providing a final mark and awarding credits. If a student is unable to complete a course that would have allowed them to progress to the next grade, principals have the ability to award credits to ensure student progression.”

In terms of the items I have placed in bold above:

Every student will receive final grades (it does NOT saying passing grades)

All students who were on track to progress to the next grade will (students who were not on track before COVID-19 and don’t try will not receive credits)

to complete their courses to the best of their ability  (student must show that they are still trying during COVID-19 and not just quit, but we will have compassion for the many challenges that studentsare facing and be as lenient as possible)

principals have the ability to award credits to ensure student progression. (“have the ability” does not mean “principals must”.  Again, students that try their best will be supported by myself and their teachers in passing to the next level.

For our grade 12 students, all diploma exams in the province have been cancelled, so your school mark will be your final total mark for your course.

To the best of our ability, we will try to make sure everyone that deserved their credits will get them, even if they don't quite make our usual benchmark but they tried their best.  We will not award credits to students that were not progressing before COVID-19, and did not make an effort to do their school work, or contact their teacher or mentor to let us know about challenges they face so that we can help with solutions.

I welcome your questions and concerns.

Enjoy your spring break and make sure you relax!  Your school is here to support you!

God bless,

Mrs. Kam