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Important Update on the Death of Flash

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Important Update on the Death of Flash
by Karol Kam - Friday, 2 October 2020, 11:06 AM

Good morning to our SCcyber family,

I hope you are all well and enjoying your start to the fall semester.

I wanted to send out an update to an issue that our students from last year are already aware of, but our new students may not be.

For anyone that doesn't know what I'm talking about, "The Death of Flash?", I'll bring you up to speed:

For many years, most online educational activities were programmed in a computer language called Flash.  Unfortunately this year, Flash has been unexpectedly discontinued.  If you have an older browser, it may still work for a time, but it is "dead" in Chrome and many newer browsers.  Since most of us are educators with tech skills, and not actually computer techs, this change has sneaked up on the entire educational community. It has left many schools scrambling to change to resources that are compatible with the new programming language, HTML5.  SCcyber has now converted all of our learning materials to the new standard, but we were unable to fix some flash-based outside learning simulations that are linked in our Math and Science courses.  However, we didn't yet delete them, because some students on older computers may still be able to use them.  In addition, as this change surprised the entire educational community world-wide, there simply hasn't been time for providers of these resources to build many replacements yet.

When you open an SCcyber lesson, you will now see the new blue-coloured lesson theme, with a drum at the top symbolizing us coming together as an educational community, and an Alberta sunset at the bottom.  Each lesson should be all functional, except for the occasional old flash learning activity in a math or science course.

If you do find a broken item in one of these new lessons, please let your teacher know right away so it can be fixed.  Our teachers are working hard to redo or replace these items.  All the basics of these courses with Flash activities are still working, it's just some of the extra bells and whistles that are broken. We are taking care of the issues as fast as we can.

If you aren't able to understand a concept because of a broken or missing learning activity, let your teacher know so that item can be fast tracked.  You should also be attending homework help drop-in with your teachers whenever you have a question or are confused about anything.  We are here to help, but we can't know you need help if you don't ask! 

I am always available to answer questions.

Have a great day!

Mrs. Kam

SCcyber Principal