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School and the New Alberta COVID-19 Measures

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School and the New Alberta COVID-19 Measures
by Karol Kam - Wednesday, 25 November 2020, 9:24 AM

Good morning to our SCcyber family,

As those of you in Alberta may be aware, the province announced new measures yesterday to try to curb the spread of COVID in the province.  The Alberta Education mandatory move to at home learning until January 11, 2021 will not change things in terms of school for many of our SCcyber students, but for our students that are part of one of our partner schools, it may.  It also may affect our students that write their exams under the supervision of a private proctor outside their household, as the new prohibition of gathering with people outside our households may make it difficult or impossible to meet.  Some learning sites may also be making policy changes that affect student access to their mentor or physical space to write exams.

Please rest assured that we are now considering what the most fair and educationally sound course of action will be to support our students through this time.  As soon as decisions are made, our school community will be informed.  You can expect more information within the next 24 hours.

God bless you all with good health!

Mrs. Kam