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Google Security Alert

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Google Security Alert
by Karol Kam - Thursday, 4 March 2021, 12:18 PM
Good afternoon!

Sorry for the many important announcements today.  It's been a busy day for information!

Some students using Chromebooks or Google Chrome may have briefly experienced a security alert while trying to log in to SCcyber email yesterday.  This issue has been resolved.  You may need to refresh your browser.

Remember, please use the Firefox browser as much as possible when accessing SCcyber's systems.  Google Chrome and Chromebooks are designed to work really great with Google's own systems such as Gmail and Google Classroom, but they often have issues with outside software, such as Moodle or non-google webmail services.  It's, unfortunately, a way that Google can push their customers into using only Google products.  Kind of the same thing that Apple does with iPhones.  If you work on a Chromebook, you may be able to download Firefox as an app from the Google Play Store.

If you ever have access issues, please contact your mentor or teacher right away so we can investigate.
have a great afternoon,
Mrs. Kam