This is our new orientation course.  Please register all new students in this section, Not in the old INFO1030 Online Learning.

This course presents 5 introductory CTS Mechanics modules, MED1010, 1020, 1040, 1090, 1190.  Mechanics 10 Level 1 must be completed before registering in Mechanics 10 Level 2.

This course consists of 4 Introductory and 1 intermediate CTS Foods Modules, each worth one credit.  FOD1010, 1020, 1040, 1080 &2190

Welcome to Financial Management 1010! This course has two resources in which you can utilize to increase your money management skills. This course was designed to help individuals to better under money and their relationships with money.

This course contains 3 credits in CTS Legal Studies: LGS1010, 1020, & 1030.  LGS1010 is the prerequisite for all other LGS courses.

This course needs to be taken before gaining credits for Work Experience 15, 25 or 35.
This is the course template that will be used when creating all new courses on the Moodle server.