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Need help studying for your exams?

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Need help studying for your exams?
by Karol Kam - Wednesday, 18 May 2022, 9:16 AM

Hi to our SCcyber Family!

Did you know that SCcyber students have access to the Exam Bank resource to help them study for exams?  Check out the information below.


In a few weeks' time, preparing for final exams will become a top priority as students race to the finish line of the 2021/2022 school year. For many, getting focused and making time to study are the biggest obstacles. Some students would argue that studying is hard, but ExamBank really simplifies the process, and meaningful review is part of the deal for those who want the best outcome possible.

Here are some common problems and solutions to consider:

The problem: You don't know where to start - there's just too much to do!
The solution: Begin with those topics you find most difficult. You'll likely want to put those off for later, but it's important to start with the hardest and end with the easiest. This will allow you time to talk to teachers, parents, or peers to get some assistance if needed. Save the subjects or units you feel you already understand well for last.

The problem: Your mind gets fuzzy when you try to study, and you don't retain what you're reviewing.
The solution: Don't overdo it by studying for too long at a time. As a rule of thumb: Several hours of studying over 7 days is MUCH more effective for digesting material than five straight hours of studying.

The problem: You don't know how to study.
The solution: Quiz yourself on ExamBank! It's available 24-7, has an entire course review test, and it's simple to use! ExamBank is a fantastic tool for end-of-year review. Other popular study methods include trying to explain the concept to someone else, making flashcards, and reviewing your notes.

The problem: You have good intentions, but are easily distracted.
The solution: Turn your phone off! Shut the TV down! Set the timer for 20 or 30 minutes, and place your phone out of reach (preferably in another room) until the timer beeps. Sounds simple... but many students resist parting with their phone. Try it once to see what a difference this one act can make.

The problem: You don't have any time.
The solution: Scheduling is a very important part of preparing for your exams. You CAN find 10-20 minutes a day for studying! Make a weekly schedule ahead of time to plan which subjects you'll study on which days. Complete a few online practice tests on ExamBank. The tests are bite-sized, you get instant results and solid explanations, and they don't require a lot of time to complete.

The problem: You're convinced you do better when you cram all day and all night before your test.
The solution: Studies repeatedly show that a good night's sleep and a healthy meal before the test are crucial to the best possible outcome. Waiting to study until the night before means you likely won't sleep well, and it doesn't allow you time to ask your teacher questions if there's an area you don't understand. Start Now!

To ensure staff and students have access, please remind them of their login details. You may also want to consider topping up your ExamBank account, as any unused logins will carry forward into the next school year.

Want to log in and try it? Here are the current details for our account:

Username: sccyber

Exam Password: testbank

Blessing to all of you as you work hard to complete your courses!

Mrs. Kam